Most asked about Relationship Concerns

The most asked concerns around relationships and dating.

  • What to do when you are ghosted?
  • We had chemistry! I can’t date anyone I don’t have chemistry with
  • I keep missing my ex – I want to contact them, it’s driving me crazy
  • My man keeps walking away when I’m upset and doesn’t want to talk
  • The person I’m dating doesn’t seem interested in me, I keep texting them
  • My woman wants to get married, and I’m not certain yet
  • I thought we were exclusive, but he sees other women
  • I can’t get my partner to work on the relationship
  • Our arguments don’t seem to resolve, we argue about the same things
  • I know my relationship was toxic, but I love them, I can’t help it
  • How to know if this is the right person for the long term
  • It’s their fault and I can’t get them to see it
  • He won’t talk about his feelings!
  •  I want a relationship, but dating sucks! 
  • I keep attracting the same people and I don’t know why it’s not workingI have several articles out to address many of these concerns.  Please find the link to each concern. Also, I address many of these issues in my newsletter. Click here to get my free blueprint Pause Your Way to a Powerful Relationship and sign up for my weekly newsletter.

    Not sure relationship counseling is right for you? 

    One of the biggest misconceptions is that it’s like therapy. It’s not therapy – it’s coaching and mentoring. There is no long-term commitment. We do not dig deep into past wounds unless you request it. We focus on how the past might be impacting the present situation. Then we find tools that work for you to shift that system of navigating from the past to navigating from the present.

    For some people, there is a level of embarrassment or resistance to getting relationship support. This likely stems from an old societal pattern that we should know how to have a healthy relationships. That the old ways of navigating relationships work, if that were so, we would all have more fulfilling relationships with more supportive partners rather than feeling empty and alone in relationships.

    We often do not know how to make these shifts. This is because we are too emotionally involved with the outcome and therefore often subconsciously avoid pain, hurt, and discomfort. This isn’t conscious. We can’t expect to be able to notice it.

    It might take someone that is not emotionally invested to bring about clarity and understanding. That isn’t something to be embarrassed about; it’s human nature. Everyone needs support. Rather, consider seeking help as a strength and not a weakness.

    Why relationship counseling works for many instead of therapy. Relationship counseling can be profound on it’s own. It can also be in conjunction with therapy. Some prefer working with a coach/counselor because they want to develop skills that can be used immediately. They just want change and relief from frustration and discord. At times, this can take a while in therapy.

    If you are already in therapy does that mean you can’t have sessions with me?

    No, not at all! My work can complement the work you do with your therapist. I have clients that are in therapy also.

    Who my coaching is for:

  • Men & Women who are into personal development and self-inquiry
  • Men & Women who are proactive in their life and implement change
  • Men & Women who are committed to themselves and their quality of life
  • Men & Women who love growth!
  • Men & Women that want a kick-ass fulfilling relationship
  • Men & Women that desire to find the most compatible partner for them
  • Men & Women who want to strengthen their already stable relationship

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The best way to get personalized relationship advice and counseling is to set up a session.