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Explore the health of your relationship with our Relationship Quiz. Gain insights into your unique dynamics, communication, trust, and shared goals. Invite your partner to join you in this reflective journey. This quiz caters to all relationship stages, offering valuable insights to enhance your connection.

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10 Ways To Notice You’re in a Toxic Relationship

  • You are constantly questioning yourself and your intuition
  • The little nonverbal innuendos that cause your self-confidence to decrease
  • They do nice things for you and then say something that cuts you down, It’s confusing.

Pause Your Way to a Powerful Relationship

In navigating relationships, often the simplest things can create a big shift. Pausing can be one of those small but profound actions that can give a relationship a whole new direction. Towards connection and cultivating trust. Simple? Sometimes and other times not, but if practiced consistently, can transform your love life. Use this simple workbook to begin to shift your relationship today. Because when we pause, powerful things happen!

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