Lisa Hawkins Mahalo! So, we are now friends in this page of mine, you are my fb in my other fb page. For 3 learning years from you, sharing with us your unselfish knowledge in anthropological psychology behaviors, and now I properly change it into my name (Vick M.). And now I am most hoping your unselfish sharing to us your mastery in both physical and psychological in life. Thanks Doc

She’s wonderful about helping you out. She’s honest and insightful and really cares about you. A. Edwards

Grounded in reality Insightful way of thinking G. Glenn

I am a disciple of Lisa’s work. We have radically different world views regarding politics, society, gender roles, etc… Nevertheless, she is a helpful and valued presence in my life: Guiding me to evaluate what I find worthwhile, and why. She is a great listener, and can elicit deeply hidden insights, just by being quiet and listening, rather than having an agenda for me. I am delighted with Lisa’s ongoing presence and tutelage in my life. J. Lofthouse

Bottom line,
Lisa makes sense,
and I get her. It’s just 
that simple. L. Jenkins

She is one very caring lady. She will do anything to help someone in need no matter what. She is an angel. B. Nichols