30 min mini session 1 question so we can discuss what is holding you back in love and life. Follow up e-mail included. Via phone or video chat.

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One Question Session

One question session is designed for more urgent matters or to just complement the In-Depth Session.

Often, clients have a situation come up that they would like insight, clarity, or scripting to help them communicate better.  

This One Question Session is designed for those that have limited time, a limited budget, or not needing a full session.

Scripting is one of the biggest issues I see in dating and relationships today. Not knowing how to communicate their needs, desires, or upset without coming off as blaming, shaming, or disregarding the other person.

Since texting is so prevalent in society we communicate more via texting than we do phone or email these days.  Often the very thing that is so easy can make things so much more complicated. It might even create an entire situation of disagreement, hurt, and withdrawal.

One Question Session is for those times when you just need that ruminating in your mind to be put at ease with a solution or at least a tiny step forward towards resolve.

Have you ever just felt so confused by your date, your partner, or your spouse? One Question Session can help you understand yourself and possibly the other person much better. Relief cultivates a desire to connect more and understand.  

I find it most helpful in Dating and Relationships to pause, get clarity, and relax before engaging in communicating about something that is important, and potentially a disagreement.

Next time you feel you just need a boost or help to communicate, try our One Question Session.