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Consciously Awake Counseling Consciously Awake Counseling

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From the first session I felt really comfortable sharing with Lisa, she really knew how to drive the conversation to what I was looking for on working, and she has great tools to continue doing the work as well, felt understood, and heard.


Session was great. She really took time to listen and understand my situation. Lisa was supportive and really motivated me to understand myself better and work on the things I can control. It was a safe space for me to be vulnerable and I would definitely love to have another session with her

T. S.

Your work gave me the courage to come out about my sexuality.

Joseph Lofthouse

You have helped me to not blame others for my own shit. Sometimes, you make a comment that zings right to my core, and forever changes who I am.


Thank you! Thank you so much for talking to me yesterday. You were more helpful than any counselor I’ve ever had.

Andrew Mulligan

Lisa’s work helped me deal with child alienation, the result of a broken relationship. To understand not all people put a high value on an intimate relationship. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.

Andrew Mulligan

It’s been a huge help. More than you know. The nature of relationships is fascinating and I love the intellectual. That’s my gratitude for your work. I think you should just keep doing what you do. Just do Lisa!

Marco Barrantes

I think you are attractive to me, and to men and women from right to left, because you represent a deeper (or higher) relationship between masculine and feminine.


For 3 learning years from you, sharing to us your unselfish knowledge in anthropological psychology behaviors, and now I properly change it into my name (Vick Lucero Medel). And now I am most hoping your unselfish sharing to us your mastery in both physical and psychological in life. Thanks!


Thanks for Living out loud

Jasmine Walcott

Thanks for Daring to bring up subjects that are sometimes rough for your average person

A. G

I always look forward to a chance to hear your perspective- it’s always personal, compassionate, and at the same time encompasses a larger perspective. Thank you for your voice

 Intro Awakening

I’ll chat with you for 30 mins to see if my work feels right to you. A perfect introductory session that paints a roadmap to a healthy relationship.

1:1 Session

This session is more in-depth about past, present relationships, and looking toward future desires in relationships and life.

Follow-up Session

30 min mini session 1 question so we can discuss what is holding you back in love and life. Follow up e-mail included. Via phone or video chat.

10 In Depth Session

Save $455

10 One hr In Depth Sessions with 4- Emergency One Question Sessions and 2 emails per week for check-in.

4 In Depth Sessions

Save $180

4 One hour In Depth Sessions, 1 email per week check-in, 2 Emergency 30 min sessions

30 min. Phone Sessions

Save $180

30 min. Phone Session once a month for 6 months

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