Are the packages refundable?

No, packages are not refundable. If after the first session you are concerned about our work together, we can discuss it.  If we cannot work out an agreement, and the reason is other than you didn’t like it, we can discuss a refund. I cannot guarantee a refund. If I refund, I will refund the package price minus the cost of an hour session at full price.

What are the sessions like?

It depends on your specific needs and how familiar you are with inner work. We will do what works best for you and what you would like to accomplish in our sessions. Often, in the first few sessions, you talk a great deal to tell me what you are experiencing, and what your struggles are, and to feel heard. Many clients haven’t had the opportunity to really have someone fully listen to them. This is very powerful work. Though you might not realize it, being heard is a crucial part of inner work. It’s crucial to build trust with your coach. We then move into addressing the concerns and blocks and finding tools to use to continue to work on those blocks

Is there homework?

After, if time allows we can discuss the core beliefs that I have heard during the session.  If the client is open to having homework, I can give exercises or journaling that will help the next session.

What type of support is available after the session is over?

Depending on what package you purchase I offer email check-in support and possibly an emergency 30 min session. Emergency sessions are still scheduled.  I do not offer unscheduled phone calls.

Do you do “Law of Attraction” in your work?

I do not offer Law of Attraction work. I am trained in it and did practice it for many years, it is not something I use in my practice any longer. I can suggest other coaches that can support you with that desire. If you are curious about why I don’t do Law of Attraction in my work, I’m happy to discuss it. I certainly will honor your views on Law of Attraction if we work together.

Are sessions confidential?

They are absolutely! I may record the session in order to go back over the session for accuracy and also to pick up on any issues I see that need addressing, but that is only for the purpose of providing quality service. It is deleted once that is taken care of.

What if I see an article that is similar to what we discussed in our session?

Great question. I speak to many people. I also have my own experiences throughout decades of inner work. If I’ve written something similar to what we’ve discussed it is because I’ve experienced it myself, and/or other people have discussed it with me also. I belong to many groups, I can assure you that there are many others with your struggles. I write from many different people with the same issue.  I write to help others with similar issues. I do not share names and if I would use names, then I make up names. Again, it is due to the issue being something that I’ve dealt with many times. If I would like to write something specific to your struggles, I will ask for your permission and I will not use any identifying information.

Does this work involve any specific religion?

No, none at all. If you have a specific religion you honor, we can discuss your boundaries around that religion and I will respect your religious beliefs.