5 Qualities of a Conscious Relationship

How to know if we are in a conscious relationship and how do we get into unconscious relationships? In my Ebook, The Awakening, I go into detail about what a conscious relationship is.

Here are the 5 Qualities of a conscious couple.

  • Conscious Couples make their personal growth the first priority
  • They own their shit
  • They communicate consciously and until resolved
  • They use triggers to grow
  • They make the relationship a priority

It’s important to understand that conscious relationships aren’t always smooth, easy, or calm. Certainly, it can be this way. It’s a journey. The journey has it’s up and downs and life throws us situations that we have to grow to overcome. Our partner will also have this and you might come to see the patterns and unresolved beliefs show up in difficult ways.

What we can do is learn how to work with the triggers, the disagreements, the upsets and the backslides more effectively. Being in a conscious relationship is a way to help the journey and deepen our relationship at the same time. Like anything else, it takes time and practice.

To start a conscious relationship you have to take inventory of what isn’t working. Look at your habits and be aware that when something comes up make note of it so that you can do your own inner work regarding these issues. I have a Free Blueprint, “Pause Your Way to a Powerful Relationship” to help you put your frustrations to work and find resolve.

It might sound unromantic, too much work, or feel strange. This is normal. The thing we want to work on is breaking the “comfort zone” and doing it anyway. Since our mind carries different subconscious beliefs about relationships, it will most likely feel hard as you push past those old beliefs and start creating new ones. This is a good sign.

If you are honest with yourself the “hardness” of change is just energy expressed in a different direction since it is also hard to keep repeating patterns, feeling angry or sad, having unresolved disagreements, and distance.

There is no rush to get there. If you take small steps you will notice shifts and then you’ll feel things out as you go. If you stay committed, even if the shifts are uncomfortable, you’ll feel the difference.

If you would like more information on my work, check out my ebook. 
Photo by Elia Pellegrini