Dating “Your Type” and not Getting Results? Here is what to Do!

If dating isn’t getting you the results you want consider changing things up. Often, I hear, “he/she isn’t my type”. Does your type get you where you want to be?

Think outside the box

Consider breaking habits to get yourself out of going after the same type of person. To change your views on people and learn from them.

Jot down what you usually go for. What you would like to shift? Consciously go for the opposite. Someone different!

If you normally go for tall and outgoing, go have coffee with short and introverted. Just see what happens. It’s just coffee. Have a great time meeting someone different.

What happens is our mind tries to shut out what it doesn’t want. We might notice our conversation is dry with someone we don’t “normally go for” and more interested and interesting with someone we find more appealing. This is an opportunity to have an interest in someone different.

 Part of the dating process is learning and growing.

Attraction is a whole science and for sure we will always subconsciously attract what we haven’t healed.

Even if you look for the opposite of what you normally go for, keep in mind that certain things are bound to show up again. Those are the things you need to go inward and unravel and shift.

There is a lot to gain when we step outside of our comfort zone and try someone different – if nothing else to break up a habit and step outside of our comfort zone. My horizon expanded when I did this. I started finding things attractive in men that I never thought I’d be attracted to because they didn’t fit my “type”. I purposefully went out with many that were out of range of my type. I learned a great deal.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Getting used to consciously choosing something outside of your comfort zone is a good practice when dating. You still might prefer your type, but you’ve tried other types, and that is the part that softens us and makes us less rigid, and expands our view when looking for a potential partner.

Dating isn’t about continuing to date the same type of person and expecting one of them to stick. It’s exploration and adventure. See it as a gigantic party you are attending and lots of people to mingle with. Be open! Ponder it!

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