Conscious Relationships & 7 Traits Conscious Couples Do!

I read this article on a new age platform not too long ago about the Qualities of a Conscious Relationship. My Ebook “The Awakening”, was published in 2019. So, of course, I looked further into it her view. There were key factors and also other aspects that are part of a conscious relationship.

Conscious relationships are not new. I’ve been using the term for 2 decades. So when you hear that the “old way”, isn’t working, it needs a bit of adjusting. The majority is operating off an old belief system that hasn’t been entirely healthy. It’s had its good points, also has more unsupportive or harmful effects.

It’s regarding old paradigms passed down from periods of time where “marriage” was for other reasons. It was a conscious agreement in that the trade-off was clearly not for personal growth or deep intimacy.

Were people back centuries ago conscious in their relationships? Absolutely, differently.

  • They were clear about it being for survival.
  • They were clear it was for social standing.
  • They were clear it was to avoid social ridicule.
  • They often made conscious decisions from their beliefs.

However, once in the relationship (marriage) it became just a replica of the original idea. There was often no growth involved. Yet, how can we say that when really there was evolution going on, it just wasn’t what we consider it to be currently. It got us to where we are now.

Like any relationship, our inherited beliefs and trauma are subconsciously playing in the background. I agree when Brene Brown says make no mistake, emotions are at the wheel, and logic is hogtied in the trunk. That hasn’t changed. We still are mostly driven by emotions and subconscious beliefs.

However, that didn’t mean there were no marriages that continued to evolve and grow. That didn’t mean there were couples that didn’t deeply love each other and supported each other’s highest good.

I’ve been doing conscious relationships since 2003. It’s been more than a decade of research and development. My work hasn’t been about manifesting. It’s not part of what a conscious relationship is in my education, research, and development. That’s another article.

From someone that has been working on Conscious Relationships for 2 decades, here is my take on it.

Conscious relationships have many parts to them, not just 4.

Here are just a few:

  • Conscious Couples use triggers to grow and deepen intimacy
  • They work to stay present in what is, what’s reality
  • They discuss things until resolved, not until they are tired of it
  • Conscious couples check in with each other
  • Conscious couples put their personal growth above all else
  • They understand that growth might mean parting
  • Conscious couples see the relationship as a priority and treat it as such

When we look at how relationships are changing and shifting, let’s not forget that our ancestors did the best they could given the human evolution at the time. They did what needed to be done to get us to where we are now. Moving in the direction of being present in and awake to each other’s needs and respecting those needs. We are heading in the direction of global self-love, self-growth, and learning what makes us thrive as humans.

Conscious means to be aware of and awake to have knowledge of. Let’s work to continue evolving relationships and being present in the now. When we are conscious of the present moment, we have a broader view of life. Consciousness isn’t a style of life, it’s being awake to life. Let’s start by respecting where we are now and navigating from a place of being awake to where we need to go.

For a full explanation of what a conscious relationship is and why we get into unconscious relationships, purchase my ebook The Awakening.