8 Things Women Don’t Want on a First Date

This is something many men think they know, but in reality, they don’t. What to say to women on the first date. Many want to get to the point and not waste time. So, they get to the point right away. Not a good plan.

Not wasting time is like saying I don’t want to get to know you, I just want to know enough to get into a relationship with you or have sex with you and get on with life.

There are things in life you just can’t rush! There are things in life that need savoring.

Here are 8 things not to ask on the first date:

  • Don’t ask about finances
  • Don’t talk about sex unless that is your end goal for the night
  • Don’t ask about exes!
  • Don’t tell her all women are …………… fill in the blank
  • Don’t talk about how hurt you’ve been from past relationships
  • Don’t talk only about yourself
  • Don’t treat it like an interview. It’s not a test.
  • Don’t ask her about how much property she owns

Doing these things will make it seem cold and calculated and not warm and inviting. The only women that will want this are the ones that want to get down to business like a business deal. They don’t want to waste time.
If you are looking to date a woman who is kind, loving, warm, and compassionate these types of questions will turn her off.You want to make it so that you are getting to know her gradually. Make her laugh and keep her interested in getting to know you and at the same time, let her see you are genuinely interested in her.

Slow down and let it flow. It will either start showing promise or continue to be awkward and distant. If it is awkward and distant and you tried your best, then consider it isn’t a match.

You want a woman who will open up to you and begin to form intimacy as in connection and desire. The first several dates are very important that you leave the serious stuff for later and if it needs to be discussed, discuss it as lightly as you can. Keep it simple.