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10 Ways to be a Better Lover!

10 Ways to be a Better Lover! Consciously Awake Counseling

I usually don’t write about how to become a better lover because it’s something that usually shows up after we’ve done sessions. Often, it’s there waiting for them.

However, since someone asked me to write it, here is my take on it.

You become a better lover when you let go of your stories around yourself and your partner. It happens automatically. This is because you feel freer. When we feel freer to express ourselves, our passion arises.

Here are 10 ways to become a better partner.

Remember that the goal is to create more intimacy and more trust. It’s not a porn film you are making, so you don’t have to make it all about function and end result.

It’s making love and expressing it in a multitude of ways. It’s like reading a juicy book. You can’t wait to get to the next chapter.

Start by being curious and open. Understand that it’s a process and one that can get better and better. If you stay focused on building and creating novelty, you’ll last a lot longer and the passion will be less likely to fade.

If becoming a better lover is something you’d like to discuss more, schedule a free Get to Know Me Session.


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