Follow through is a turn on to Women

Follow through is a turn on to women.  It is yummy, delicious and sexy.  Why, because to a feminine woman a man keeping his word equals Trust, Ease, Security and Respect.  That, in turn, creates love and arrousal.

She can love all the other qualities that a man possesses but if he doesn’t follow through on his word, his commitment, his saying he will do something, he loses her respect, or doesn’t gain it.

Women are vulnerable creatures and ( I didn’t say weak) and safety, security and trust mean a great deal to her.  Even if she isn’t aware of it.  If she can be at ease with a man because she knows he will follow through, it makes her life easier.  She feels she can be vulnerable.  Men you love this!

Follow through is a turn on to women. Follow through is YUMMY! Delicious!.   If you want to turn on a woman, KEEP YOUR WORD. Even if it is “I’ll pick you up at 6” .  Be there at 6.  If you say, I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant, take her to her favorite restaurant.  If you aren’t sure you will follow through, then don’t say it.

While to other men it might not mean much if you don’t follow through, they aren’t women.



If you cannot follow through on something, tell her.  Say, I’m sorry I know I said ” I’ll do X” and I’m realizing that I cannot follow through on X.  How about Z?  Offer up something else.  Not something else that is just a pacifier.  Offer up something equal, or better.

If you offer up something ” less than”, she will feel ” less than”.  Women feel and because of this, we can feel shift and innuendos.  We know that feeling of “just scooting by” to make it look like I have more integrity than I do kind of thing.

Follow through is part of connection, arousal, safety and foreplay for women.  It is!  Follow through is a turn on for women.  Make a note of it.  Join in on conversation on Facebook.  #ConsciouslyAwakeCounseling