How to Move on from a Disagreement!

How to Move on from a Disagreement! Consciously Awake Counseling

We’ve all experienced a time when we’ve had an argument. After the argument is a crucial point in how things transpire. Often, if we’ve apologized and talked it out, there are affection and connection. There […]

The Forbidden Creates & Fuels Desire – Let’s Do Something Naughty

The Forbidden Creates & Fuels Desire - Let's Do Something Naughty Consciously Awake Counseling

Esther Perel, a well know relationship therapist, talks about how “The forbidden fuels desire”. “There is something about breaking the rules and transgression that makes us feel we have touched freedom with a capital F.” […]

Back-burner Relationships & Micro-cheating

The Truth About Back-burner Relationships

Back burner relationships

I’m certain this article will be unpopular. Ruffle feathers. It calls out bullsh*t around back-burner relationships. Micro-cheating! What is a back-burner relationship? It’s having someone in case this current one doesn’t work out. You know […]