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Putting men in no win situation

Putting men in no win situation Consciously Awake Counseling

Putting men in a no win situation.  I had this conversation this holiday about women putting men in a no win situation. Sometimes we are looking for compliments, and the way we phrase it, sounds insecure,  and sets guys up to have no clue how to respond. They think ” how am I going to respond to this one “.

Putting men in a no win situation. I understand this because I work with men, understand men. Many women don’t question what they say to men. I’m not perfect and I at times say things,  I need brought to my attention also.  

“You didn’t say anything about my new shoes”, ok how is a guy suppose to respond to that? He didn’t know about your new shoes, he might have noticed them later on, or he might have just thought you looked nice overall and wouldn’t single out the new shoes.

This is expecting a guy to act feminine. A feminine woman would totally notice the new shoes and say something. A guy, not so much.

If a compliment is what you seek, just ask for it in a way that helps him be successful.  Or, ask what they think. ” I just bought these new shoes and I love them, what do you think?”

Be prepared for the truth, because you ask. If he is a honest man, he might say, “they look ok, I’m not thrilled with them” or ” I don’t like them:.   

Here is where the expectations comes in. If you ask what he thinks don’t get angry, frustrated or in a panty wad because you didn’t get the response you wanted. Take it with a grain of salt. You love your new shoes, then look great in them and enjoy them. It doesn’t matter if he likes them or not. YOU DO!

I know when I look good, and I’m confident.  That is so much more of a noticeable thing to a man than just your shoes. Your confidence!!! Dress for you fist! Love the way you look and exude it! If you love your new shoes, chances are your expression of that is what will turn him into noticing your new shoes, your excitement! Be careful about “trapping men” by putting men in a no win situation. Learn to love his honesty! Learn to not seek approval and love who and what you are. Join in the conversation on Facebook. 

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