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Learning from Victimhood

Learning from Victimhood Consciously Awake Counseling

Learning from victimhood. I often find very helpful information in my own process for my work. This of course is my judgement that is what makes a great therapist. One that has been there, done that.

So, in speaking of victimhood recently and my ongoing personal growth. Today, I’m feeling bad, upset and frustrated. One might have a definition of wallowing in my emotions.
Many often perceive victimhood as a ” nowhere zone” or a ” stay away zone”. In fact there is a zone where you can find it beneficial to be exactly where you are! Always!
If you have the ability to step away from whatever uncomfortable feelings your are having in that moment, witness yourself, you can often times have enough self love to listen to yourself. Your Self! the one that is needing to be listened to.
So today, what is happening is one part of me is experiencing a type of suffering and the other part of me is allowing it to feel what it is feeling and just being present with it.
I know that what will come of it is beauty, growth and good information. I’ve done it a million times. This is the perfect time to listen for those limiting beliefs. It is a perfect time to find out what that part of you needs. The perfect moment to see clearly.
Though at this current moment, my feelings aren’t able to be put into words yet, but I’m wallowing in them awhile and allowing it to surface. Writing what comes up down to investigate later.
Validate your feelings,  the “no go zone” isn’t necessarily the best way of dealing with feelings in my experience. Allow, accept and listen.

Your emotions are there to tell you something important! Moving on through your day ignoring them or using something as a vice to rid yourself of them, only will bring it right back to you again, another opportunity will arise.
So stay in the negative, until you know more about it! Learn, listen, love the part of yourself that is negative. Learning from victim-hood, it is a great teacher. That injured part of you, pushing him or her away only creates separation. Give it a hug! It’s all GOOD!!!. Consciously Awake Counseling

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