Gaslighting Deflects off the Real Issue

Using anger to deflect. How might using subtle anger be used to deflect an issue? Have you as a man been taught this behavior? Is she distant, uncommunicative and non intimate? It’s an opportunity to look at your part. Instead of being so injured by her non response that is creates victimization.

Putting men in no win situation

Putting men in a no win situation.  I had this conversation this holiday about women putting men in a no win situation. Sometimes we are looking for compliments, and the way we phrase it, sounds insecure,  and sets guys up to have no clue how …

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Learning from Victimhood

Learning from victimhood. I often find very helpful information in my own process for my work. This of course is my judgement that is what makes a great therapist. One that has been there, done that. So, in speaking of victimhood recently and my ongoing …

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Sharing vs Vomiting your problems to Women

Sharing VS. Vomiting your problems to Women. Men, I was told by a man, ” You know men when they find a listening ear” start sharing their problems. This was a coach that was sharing his problems with me his client, on my dime. That …

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Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication! Example: A friend of mine allowed me to share something that occurred with her and her husband. This is so much an example of how our projecting minds can get in the way of love: “Mike goes outside and notices it is a …

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