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Navigating Long Distance Love. How to Keep the Flame Alive

Navigating Long Distance Love. How to Keep the Flame Alive Consciously Awake Counseling

I’ve had a few long-distance relationships, not many, but enough to know they are hard. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it is impossible. Hindsight, I wish I would have given it more of a chance. Dating near my home had been attracting the wrong men. I started dating long-distance when I met a man 2 hrs away and within a short amount of time, he had to move across the country. We had to plan everything and when we did see each other it was an adventure. Certainly, compatibility plays a huge role in developing a healthy relationship. This one ended due to incompatibility.

 Everyone should be true to what they can do when dating and if it isn’t for you, certainly honor that.

My biggest issue with long distance is getting to know the real person and not the facade that might be presented during the early dating process. However, given that that same dynamic happened even when close, I realized there just isn’t a better way.

A certain amount of taking chances, but also trusting your gut needs to be in place either way. Not trusting the person you just met, but trusting yourself to see the signals. Trust building takes time and emotional intimacy will grow as you gain attraction and spend time together.

There are pros to long-distance dating.


Navigating Long Distance Love. How to Keep the Flame Alive

Love from afar can be too challenging and you might decide it isn’t for you. Finding the right person means we have to be open to where they show up. If the match is right and you want to put the effort into keeping the flame alive use your creativity and imagination. You can come up with ideas to have love and passion in your partnership. When navigating long-distance love, it is very important to communicate consciously.

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