Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication! Example: A friend of mine allowed me to share something that occurred with her and her husband. This is so much an example of how our projecting minds can get in the way of love:

“Mike goes outside and notices it is a beautiful day. He comes inside to visit his wife who is in bed, day two of the flu. He loves her and he says, “It is so nice outside. Hopefully you can get some fresh air today.”

Lisa hears, “you need to get outside, only lazy people lay in bed all day – if it were me, I would go outside and work through it.”

She feels resentful and thinks “Mike always does this, he criticizes me and makes me feel inadequate, he is so insensitive.”

She feels separated from him, and unloved. Then she stops. And reminds herself of what he ACTUALLY said. She smiles. And she tells Mike, “That is a great idea but I am unable to do it at this point, but who knows! And You know what my mind thought to itself when you said that?” And she tells him her funny story about how her mind heard criticism where there was none.

He looks concerned and says, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean that at all but I can see how you would think that.” Lisa says, “Yeah, I still have some self-criticism about being lazy but I am working on it.” Mike says, “and I know that about you and could be more sensitive.” She feels connected to him and loved.

He does it again the next day, and they both lock eyes and laugh.

The Mind is a Child.”
Lisa Hawkins·

This is an example of great communications between them both, it is a great example of how to stop what your mind does with something your partner does, check in with them first. I love this true story because they both took responsibility for what they s…

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