In Depth Session

This session is more in-depth about past, present and looking toward future desires in relationships and life. We look at your limiting beliefs and go deeper into you. 2 follow up e-mails included. Via phone or video chat.

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What is a One hour In Depth Session:

The one-hour sessions starts with me listening to what you bring to the table, where you are on your path.  What you feel you need to share and be heard on. Your painful issues. This is a very important aspect of my work.  Listening! Giving you space, time to contemplate and reflect. After that ( which can take up most of the session). I ask a few questions, reflect back what I heard because It is important that I understand your meaning, desires, dislikes, and pain.

After I’ve asked a few questions, I’ll ask if you want to hear my thoughts on what I heard and if you desire, we can then get into the “surgery” aspect of your beliefs.  This requires a desire to look inside and find your truth. What do I mean by surgery? Looking closely at your thoughts and beliefs, experiences. Getting deep down inside of you. Cleaning house!

What my session is not:

My session is not for those that wish to hear what they want to hear.  It is for finding your truth, not others truths. It isn’t a time to sit and bash someone.  I’m totally fine if anger arises. However, sitting and recycling anger isn’t beneficial.

This is not a replacement of Licensed Therapists sessions.  It will be a hybrid. Though I’m not licensed for a reason, I do have a Minister’s license so that I can work within the scope of Coach and Ministery.  Not to be confused with a religious ministry. 

Looking at our blocks, our old conditioning and our untrue experiences are not easy.  It is simple! It takes a certain amount of courage to look at that which we’d lied to ourselves about.  

Sessions with me bring in joy, understanding, freedom and a clearer view of our part in our lives.  It brings us back to us, our true nature. Not tainted by society, peers, media or our families of origin.  

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