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Relationship Coaching is it Psychotherapy? Is it Worth it?

Relationship Coaching is it Psychotherapy? Is it Worth it? Consciously Awake Counseling

Relationship coaching is not psychotherapy. We do not dive deep into trauma or past history. What we do is use the past as a reference point and move into the present moment and present circumstances.

It’s not an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Most clients find peace and have the tools to navigate their relationships after ten sessions. After that, it’s about using the skills we have worked on and implementing them in real-life circumstances. It’s really up to each client the results that they get.

We might need some quick sessions from then on when a situation shows up that might be more challenging or you just need a refresher session.

We spend a fair amount of time in the first few sessions understanding patterns and struggles that you have had in the past that you notice show up again, then we look at what your ideal relationship would be. The last several sessions are for practicing and learning the tools. It might include role reversal so that you can get a perspective on the dynamics that are causing issues in your relationship.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is. Many people have expressed it has greatly helped their quality of life and relationships.

We’ll be working to unravel your programming about relationships and love and start implementing a new system of response and understanding of what is going on within yourself and possibly your partner. It’s about watching and using curiosity to find a deeper place of intimacy.

It isn’t about proving you were wrong or bad. It’s simply looking at it with investigation. It’s loving you and all your parts along the way. Sound scary, it’s not really difficult as long as you truly want to look at it. It might be a bit uncomfortable. Like anything else new, it’s learning how to do it and it’s uncomfortable until you do. It can also be fun and exciting as you notice the shifts that happen and the joy showing up. You also will notice a calmness about you. Don’t be surprised if you start smiling sporadically for no reason.

If inner peace and joy in life is what you are seeking then this work is for you. Single, Coupled, Widowed, or Divorced it’s for anyone that wants more clarity and fulfillment in life.

If you find interest in this and want to investigate it further, Let’s chat. Get to Know Me Session. 

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