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Mindful Relationships, What are They?

Mindful Relationships, What are They? Consciously Awake Counseling

The new buzzword is mindful relationships. But what is a mindful relationship? It’s the exact same as conscious relationships. It’s paying attention to where things are going in the relationship. It’s also is making mindful decisions and reevaluating as you go. Often, having an intent on a mindful relationship is what couples do. However, it’s the hard work involved in making choices, and sitting with uncomfortable feelings, emotions, and reactions until you get to resolve is what makes it a mindful relationship. It’s about doing your own inner work (which can get messy at times) and keeping your self-containment.

Mindful relationships are about self-growth and growing as a couple. It’s three relationships. Each relationship is nurtured and cared for.  It takes being mindful of what needs, need to be met for each relationship. It’s a proactive job.

Mindful couples:

Awareness is key whether you are calling it a mindful relationship, a conscious relationship, or just a relationship. It’s what you do that matters. It’s the actions you take. It’s a journey, not a destination. It can get messy as we grow. This is part of the process of unraveling conditioning and unsupportive beliefs. For more information on what is a conscious relationship get my Ebook, The Awakening! 

Photo by Nathan McBride

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