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How do you Celebrate the New Year? It’s 2023!

How do you Celebrate the New Year? It's 2023! Consciously Awake Counseling

Gearing up for the New Year holiday? Do you set goals or reflect on lessons learned during the year?

During New Year’s eve, I used to get weird. I missed out on a lot as a child and I would watch people have tons of fun to bring in the new year. I didn’t get to do that.

It just happened. Turning into an adult, I wanted to always celebrate the new year, with a bang! Party hats, dance, and live music. Sometimes it was fun and more often than not, it wasn’t.

There was an internal need to bring in the new year with a bang. I regret that now. I had bought into the idea it needed to be brought in with positive energy, the energy you wanted the new year to mimic. To celebrate!

It wasn’t what worked. I noticed I didn’t control the year in that way. I couldn’t just manifest an exceptional year by doing the boards, the affirmations, the goal setting, etc.

Nothing bypasses the work that needs to be done.

None of that dealt with my trauma. I had parts of me that were still waiting to be heard, held, and understood. Like any child, they will still be there waiting for that love and understanding that they need.

When I started accessing those parts (and it was a bit hard to get them to talk to me) and did somatic work, things shifted. I opened up in a way that I didn’t think was possible because of how it felt frozen and inaccessible. I healed everything but…..

Bring it in however you desire!

Bringing in the new year can be however I chose it to be. My energy when the clock strikes midnight isn’t what dictates how my year goes. It’s no more precious than the day before or the day after.

Life unfolds!

Life unfolds, it just does. Flowers bloom no matter how much you do to get them to bloom faster they bloom when they do or not.

My new year will come in with me being open to what unfolds in my life. That’s it. Having that solid foundation within me to take the adventure in 2023.

My wish is for you is to foremost have a fantastic relationship with yourself! If you have a significant other, have a fantastic relationship with them. However, you chose, hold on to yourself. The best that you can, and take a step into the unknown, bravely. As with any day or any year, be open, be curious and be compassionate with yourself.

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