What if the solutions were there all along? What if you didn’t have to struggle to have fantastic love, intimacy, and a fulfilling relationship

If you’ve tried reading books, taking webinars, listening to podcasts, and affirmation and something is still missing

The Awakening Ebook Consciously Awake Counseling
The Awakening Ebook Consciously Awake Counseling


If you desire more intimacy and connection in your relationships

If you’ve tried reading books, taking webinars, listening to podcasts, affirmations, and yet something is still missing…

If you can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing in your love life

You crave deep connection and intimacy and it’s seems unattainable.

You know there is more and you want it!

In my ebook you will get

  • Learn how to connect with your partner at a level you didn’t realize was available to you.
  • How to know when your relationship is running on default.
  • How do conscious couples navigate in their relationships.
  • How to use conflict to grow your relationship to a deeper intimacy and stop the repeated reactions that cause it to spiral downward.
  • How to build trust that gives you the confidence you need to be fully present in your love life no matter what happens.
  • Know how we get into problematic relationships in the first place.

Use these tools to navigate through relationships that are problematic. It tells you what to do to shift from frustrated, distant, and turned off to passionate, loving, and connected

How to stop fixing your partner and focusing on your own inner work

When you learn how to function effectively and efficiently by operating from your own security, your relationships shift.  You shift and your life changes. You have more clarity.

Does true love exist?

Isn’t an easy to answer and yet it is so simple and pure.  Yes, it does exist.  It’s the pure essence we experience when we have no agenda, no ego and no reactions in the way of experiencing honest love. It’s pure.

I experienced it when I first looked into my daughter’s eyes moments after they were born. The purest of love. True love brings tears to me.  It’s so deep. It’s total acceptance.  It’s the purity of our deepest part of our hearts.

It  just is! I feel it is a being-ness that words cannot do justice.

I believe that true love is spacious and nonconforming.

When you tap into this purity all stories fall aside. You immediately feel fulfilled. There is nothing to DO! It’s quite amazing! You begin to learn that you can tap into this purity and acceptance to unravel the layers that prevent you from having a deeply intimate and fulfilling relationship with yourself and with others. It’s evergreen.

You finally become the person that is the confident person you were born to be. Able to love and understand yourself and others.

You find that struggling and fixing was never going to solve the frustrations of your relationships. Only when we drop the struggle can we tap into our true nature can we feel free of the “fixing” and grow more into deep peace.

The Awakening Ebook Consciously Awake Counseling

But first you have to be willing to do one thing

Drop your current beliefs about love and relationships.

That’s it! Even just for a moment to connect at a level that goes beyond the chatter of the mind.

If you are ready to step into this journey let’s get started.

Buy my ebook for $4.90 and if in those 15 pages you feel you are ready to step into Conscious Love and Partnership – Contact me for a Free Get to Know Me session.