Relationship Quiz

Welcome to your Relationship Health

Does your partner tend to be dismissive or ignore your point of view when they are triggered or upset?

Have you noticed significant changes in your partner's behavior, where they can be extremely kind and understanding at times but also distant, cold, or mean at other times?

Does your partner frequently shift blame onto you instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes?

Do you feel that your relationship is balanced in terms of voice and both partners having a chance to express their desires?

Does your partner show genuine appreciation for your contributions and efforts in the relationship?

Does your partner often provoke you until you reach a breaking point, causing you to display frustrations or emotions that are not typical of your usual self?

Does your partner frequently expect you to understand their wants and needs without explicitly expressing them?

When you open up and show vulnerability, does your partner respond with rejection or coldness instead of offering support and understanding?

Has your partner exhibited dishonesty regarding financial matters, such as struggling to pay bills or lying about financial situations?

Despite having differences, do you and your partner mutually respect each other?

Does your partner often tell you what you want to hear, leaving you unsure if their words align with their actions?

Do you frequently experience tension or a sense of suspense in your relationship without being able to pinpoint its cause?

Are both you and your partner open to seeking outside perspectives, such as couples therapy/coaching when resolving disagreements?

Does your partner demonstrate emotional maturity and effectively manage their emotions?

Is your partner resistant to the idea of therapy and unwilling to acknowledge any problems in the relationship, even when approached gently?

Do others perceive your partner as charming and good-natured while disregarding your perspective, leading to a lack of validation of your experiences? Yes

Do you feel overpowered or belittled by your partner during disagreements or conflicts?

Does your partner alternate between displaying difficult behaviors and suddenly becoming overly kind and solicitous, causing you to overlook previous difficulties?

Has your relationship caused you to question your sanity or constantly doubt yourself, despite knowing deep down that you're not imagining things?

Does your partner make you feel genuinely cared for or are you questioning it?

Thank you for taking the quiz. If you scored 10 pts per question, your total health of the relationship is 200 pts. Congratulations! You have a fairly healthy relationship.

If you scored 3 pts per question, your total would be 60 pts, you might want to consider that your relationship is not healthy. It could be toxic. Please seek outside help.

If you have taken the quiz and you have pts between the two total points you should consider that your relationship has toxic traits and that you could benefit from coaching to learn better ways of navigating your relationship.