About Me

Lisa Hawkins is a Dating & Relationship Coach and counselor with 26 years of experience in personal growth and development, psychology, and human behavior with an emphasis on relationships, which includes the most important one, with yourself.

Love being the one thing we all crave

Lisa helps those that want to have more fulfilling relationships and life.  When one works on one aspect of life that is holding them back it integrates other areas of life.  Love being the one thing we all crave at a deep level.  We crave our true nature, our self-love, and to express that love to others.

Looking inside ourselves can be scary

Looking inside ourselves can be the scariest part of life, facing our fears, demons, guilt, hurt, and trauma.  Lisa helps make this journey easier.

She has gone through many life experiences because of those experiences she has an understanding of other’s pain and suffering.  As a result of having walked through those difficult experiences she has come out stronger, more loving, and able to face whatever comes up in life. In other words, Lisa has climbed the mountain

What Lisa brings to the table, understanding, clarity, self-reflection, compassion, and honesty.  The kind of love that tells you what you need to hear all the while loving you and understanding that the EGO will fight it.

What it’s like working with Lisa 

Working with Lisa is like having surgery, she gets to the tumor, helps you cut it out and recovery is easy, she loves you into the process of healing the open space that the festering issue had a hold on you.   In other words, she helps you get it done quickly, as painlessly as possible, and lovingly.  She holds the space for your highest and best.  This doesn’t mean you scoot by without work, you don’t.

Inner peace and self-love come with a price, letting go of our story. We have to brave the journey.  How easy is this? It’s as easy as you want it to be.  You hold on to your story you experience pain and suffering. When we work on understanding our story it lets go. You experience a blissful feeling of freedom.

You want a deeply fulfilling relationship, let’s get started.  This work is not for the passive. It is for those dedicated to reaching that inner joy, that inner strength, and fantastic relationships.  Let’s work together!  Dating & Relationship Coach, Lisa Hawkins 

What people are saying

“She’s wonderful about helping you out. She’s honest and insightful and really cares about you.” A. Edwards

“Grounded in reality Insightful way of thinking” G. Gregory

“I am a disciple of Lisa’s work. We have radically different world views regarding politics, society, gender roles, etc… Nevertheless, she is a helpful and valued presence in my life: Guiding me to evaluate what I find worthwhile, and why. She is a great listener and can elicit deeply hidden insights, just by being quiet and listening, rather than having an agenda for me. I am delighted with Lisa’s ongoing presence and tutelage in my life.” J. Lofthouse

“Bottom line,
Lisa makes sense,
and I get her. It’s just
that simple.”  L. Jenkins

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